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Fun easy crafts delight and satisfy with detailed instructions and how-to pictures in our craft e-books…

New for 2009 – six craft felt ornaments that are easy to make of inexpensive materials and tools. Click on Christmas 2009 Ornaments for more information and how to order.

Click on Fun and Easy Christmas Ornaments 2008 for more information about the 2008 e-book and ordering.

New craft felt ornaments for Christmas 2009 include Sidney Camel, Conrad Cardinal, Pa-Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum Drum, Pretty Poinsettia, Regal Reenie Reindeer and O Christmas Tree – all easy and inexpensive.

Sidney Camel made of inexpensive craft felt is cute, cuddly and easy to… Read more…

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funEZcrafts – Fun Easy Crafts – Craft Books,

funEZcrafts – Fun Easy Crafts – Craft Books


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