Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

Wire Writing Secrets - How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry
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*AT LAST ! How to Make Money at Craft Markets, Shows and Events with a Unique Skill

Other Marketeers were Constantly Amazed at how much money I could make twisting bits of wire !

Andy, I bought the ‘How to Make Wire Names" book and I am GLAD I found it. I am a 66 yr old disabled man on dialysis and now I have a way to make a living!

Doing wire names at festivals and farmers markets and my worst day I made $100. Usually I make between $200 & $300 a day. Not bad for "working" 10 hours on a weekend. I love what I am doing and the people I meet making wire name pins and pendants Thanks for showing me this opportunity…

How to become skilled at making wire names, even if you’re brand new to making jewelry..

I am about to reveal the CLOSELY GUARDED SECRETS of the ancient skill of wire writing

These Unique Names you can sell at craft markets and they are GUARANTEED to make you money..

A Business you can start that DOESN’T COST THE EARTH to set up..

If you are in the Business of making your own Jewelry, this is one skill you Must Not Ignore

Make Money at Weekend Markets – You don’t have to give up your day job !

No Sales Pitch needed – Your names will walk, no, RUN OFF THE SHELVES !

"I’ve been doing it for 25 years now and most of the time its been my only income and i’ve been really grateful to the guy that showed me, he was never protective about showing me the skill

In fact he didn’t really show me that much, he basically, gave me an alphabet in wire and then I just taught myself and every day I went up to him and showed him a sample of what I’d made and said hey whaddya think? (laugh) is it any better? and he’d say "yeah, better better" (accent) because he was Japanese this guy

Eventually there came a day he left town usually he was moving around a lot, so, he didn’t even mind the compe ion in fact we set up together one time I remember

I remember making one name I had this crappy little display with one name on it, and the name was Maria, in Greek, because it was in Greece we were selling, which is spelt with a p it’s spelt with an english p so its Mapia instead of Maria so I made this name Mapia or Maria and it was probably the commonest female name in Greece at the time, and probably still is

This was in ’85 and or ’86 can’t remember which, and yeah basically I just (laugh) I had this little tiny display with this one name on it when this guy left and I just put it up and just to see what would happen and lot’s of lookers I remember and I must have sold one eventually because I had to replace it

So you know, once I’d sold one name that was it really, I mean then it gives you the confidence of being able to sell stuff and I just basically built it up from there and created a bigger display and brought it off the ground so it didnt look so, so crappy and er yeah that was the start of it that was 25 years ago and still making them today (laugh)"

“Yeah, so one day I was checking my email and I came across this email saying you’ve got a new Youtube message, I thought great, someone’s commented on my video…

So I went to Youtube had a look at my comments, and there was this broken english type of, type of comment that, basically saying that I was ah giving away all the secrets of the Name Benders of the world, and that what I was telling people was that, it shouldn’t be told

Which I thought was really strange, because here’s a guy thats obviously been making these names for donkeys years, and he’s trying to protect his own, his own real estate so to speak

He’s got the idea that he’ll make more money the fewer the people know about this thing so this is a really strange point of view in my eyes, because there’s plenty of people on this earth to learn this skill and in my eyes what it is that you can, anyone can learn it, and anyone can make money and, this is what I did when I first started in 1985”

What is name jewelry exactly? Never heard of that ! – Someone told me one day when I was selling my earrings, "There’s this guy selling Names round the corner" – Huh? I went and had a look… Read more…

Post Title : Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry,

Wire Writing Secrets – How to make Personalized Wire Name Jewelry

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