How To Make A Difference

How To Make A Difference
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North America’s Leading Inspirational Teacher and Best-Selling Author, Marjan Glavac… Presents:

The Stress-Free Way to Impact Your Students For Life and Reignite Your P ion for Teaching Almost Overnight

If you love teaching but the challenges that come with the job are starting to get under your skin, I know exactly how you feel. See if you can relate to my experience …

I reached a point where I’d dread going to school in the morning to teach. I would have a big knot in the pit of my stomach just thinking about my cl .

You had all that energy, enthusiasm and expertise to make a difference (perhaps even with disadvantaged students who struggle to get through each and every day). You looked forward to teaching any and all students in your cl . You spent an incredible amount of time getting your cl room set up during the summer.

It was a warm, welcoming and wonderful cl roomone of the best cl rooms in the entire school. You were nervous that first day, not knowing what to expect.

They sat in their desks, alert, attentive and anxious to be taught by you. The first day was an exhausting but an exhilarating, exciting experience. You couldnt wait to get back to school and teach them some more.

Your students aren’t attentive any more. They’re off task. They’re defiant. The hours and hours you’ve spent on those picture perfect lesson plans seem to go out the window.

Your students are becoming more and more defiant. You get more and more frustrated with them, lose your cool more often and go home empty, exhausted and emotionally upset.

In spite of all these problems and challenges, youre still p ionate about teaching. You still love to learn. You still love to teach. You still love children.

But, youre running on empty, especially with those students who defy you more and more often, who seem to have taken over your cl , who dont seem to care anymore… You dont know what to do… You dont want to confess to other teachers that youre experiencing problems with your cl . That would be a sign of weakness.

You dont want to confess to your principal that youre experiencing problems. That might mean not getting rehired or worsethat you werent meant to be a teacher.

You dont want to talk to any parents, because word would quickly get out that you cant control your cl , that youre an ineffective, incapable and worse, an incompetent teacher. The school year has barely started and youre already counting the days, hours and minutes to the end of the term.

You keep hoping each day will be better, but instead it gets worse. You start thinking about getting out of teaching, quitting and changing careers. Youre fed up, frustrated and fearful. You want the joy, the respect and the fulfillment from a rewarding teaching career, but now, you just dont know what to do.

To put it very simply, I know exactly what youre going through in a very personal way because Ive been there myself. In fact, Im still there. Teaching is tough, time-consuming and a trial by fire. No one really understands what its like to teach all by yourself, all alone, isolated from s in front of a group of disinterested, disruptive and defiant students, than another teacher.

"You are making a difference in the lives of students and in the world." Harry Wong

About Harry Wong: Harry is, arguably, the most motivational speaker in education. He is the author of The First Days of School, which has sold over 2 million copies. His techniques have been adapted by thousands of educators for success in their schools and cl rooms, which explains why Harry Wong is the most sought after speaker in education today. He has been called Mr. Practicality for his common-sense, research-based, no-cost approach to managing a cl room for high-level student success.

For 29 years, Ive been teaching in the trenches, on the front lines, in the firing zone. Im in the cl with my students, day in and day out, just like you. I go through a roller coaster of emotions with them every day, the highs and lows, the failures and successes, the joys and disappointments of daily teaching.

And just like you, I thought that my students would automatically love to learn, love the subjects that I taught and hunger for more knowledge as much as I do. Boy, was I wrong!

Teachers College never gave me the effective teaching techniques needed to deal with the 30+ students crowded into cl es, students with ADD, ADHD, OCD, Tourettes Syndrome, oppositional behaviour, fetal alcohol syndrome, students 3 or more years below grade level in reading and math, bullies, abused students, temper tantrums, aggressive… Read more…

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How To Make A Difference,

How To Make A Difference


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