Content Notifier – Simple software to boost your search engine rank.

Content Notifier - Simple software to boost your search engine rank.
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Got Traffic? Increasing the number of links to your website will increase where you show up in search results. Traffic is the name of the game. The more visitors you get to your site, the greater chance you have of making sales. Become an authority. An increase in links to your site tells the search engines that you are an authority on a particular subject.

In less time than it will take you to read this page, you’ll get 45,000+ new meta links, generating truckloads of new traffic in the process!

Automatically notify other sites of new or updated content on your website, blog, RSS feeds, articles or any other content published anywhere on the Internet.

Backlinks help tremendously in increasing website ranking. Instantly create thousands of backlinks using our database of over 45,000+ quality sites.

No matter how many websites you own or how many blog post or links you have, you can easily add them. There is no restriction on how many links you can add to the software.

You can create a file that contains all your links and easily import them into Content Notifier.

If you have specific keywords our les that you would like to use when notifying other sites of you content, you can.

Content Notifier was designed to free up your time. You can set Content Notifier to run at specific intervals. Once it’s configured, it can run completely hands off. It takes less than 2 minutes to configure.

We will continue to improve and update Content Notifier. Once you purchase a license, you will receive automatic updates of the software for free. You will not pay any monthly fees or renewal fees.

The list of notification websites is dynamic. As we learn of new sites or learn that other sites are no longer operational, we update our central database. Your copy of Content Notifier will automatically download any database updates every time it runs. If there are updates available, Content Notifier will load them before it executes. All updates are FREE!

If you are behind a firewall or have the need to use a proxy server for your connection, you can easily set that up in Content Notifier.

Receive an additional 30,000+ backlink sites when you purchase Content Notifier today. Imagine what sort of boost your site will receive with that many sites available to backlink back to your site. The backlinking feature of Content Notifier is worth the price, but imagine having almost 80,000 links. That’s a steal!

Yes! I understand that I will be immediately be able to download Content Notifier after my one time payment of $37.00

Yes! I also understand that there is no monthy charge or any other charges for the software or any of the updates.

Yes! I also understand that if I’m not happy with the software that I can return it within 60 days for a full refund by simply sending an email to the support department. Contact information will be provided in the email that I receive after purchase.

Yes! I also understand that I will receive all the bonus items mentioned and that I will have instant access to the bonus material directly after purchasing the software. I understand that the bonus items will be given to me for free and that the total value of the bonus items is more than the software itself which is an amazing deal!

Please note: You will receive an email within a couple minutes after purchase with your link to download the software and your license key. Detailed instructions will be provided on how to install and use the software.

I did a test with your program and 2 articles key worded for child safe browser, and kid safe browser. I didn’t spin either one, one got 1600 ezines, wp sites to stick and the other got 1100 to stick I ran your bot and in a week I was setting at number 2 for 1 and number 3 for the other! I checked my hoplink and the browser I was selling was shut down from clickbank LMAO. Thank God I never link straight to the drop page. I used to sc box and xrummer for acouple of days to get these results. Thanks!

I have the paid version and have been using it for about 3 weeks. Rather than run it monthly i run a very small percentage weekly. It works great, Vince is constantly updating the software, and his customer support is A1+++ I highly recommend that you try the free version and purchase the license when Vince runs his WSO. Of course even if you pay full price it is well worth the $$ and an excellent addition to your backlinking toolbox!

I purchased Content Notifier a couple… Read more…

Post Title : Content Notifier – Simple software to boost your search engine rank.

Content Notifier – Simple software to boost your search engine rank.,

Content Notifier – Simple software to boost your search engine rank.


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