EZ Share Generator! Social Media Traffic Getting Software

EZ Share Generator! Social Media Traffic Getting Software
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You’ll Get Huge Amounts Of Likes, Tweets And Shares From Any Site You Own Just By Copying And Pasting!

From: Frank Salinas Subject: How to get more traffic from your visitors by copying and pasting

Dear Traffic Seekers, We won’t waste your time. We know you want a simple, instant solution for getting more traffic to your websites. W ver your niche, it doesn’t matter.. we all know every marketer wants more traffic!

Many would lead you to believe you need to be an SEO guru, or a media buying expert to get more traffic to your sites and that its really a hard-to-do process to get more traffic.

Well that’s simply not true. And best of all, if you say yes today, you can get our EZ Share Generator software for an introductory rock-bottom price that costs less than 2 Fiverr gigs!

We had this easy-to-use software created from the bottom up after many months of hearing our students and clients complain about wanting more traffic to their sites and squeeze pages.

We put our heads together and realized that almost everyone online likes to "share"..and we also noticed that almost every site online has a way for its visitors to share it with their circle of influence..

So we said, "why not create a simple program that people can use to bribe their visitors into sharing their site!"..

This way their sites get shared more often.. instead of just having another one of those widgets hanging out on the side of the page!

So we did it! And you get to benefit! More Likes, Tweets & Shares means more traffic for you! FREE – on Autopilot!

All you have to do is bribe your visitors with a gift once they land on your site or when they go to leave.

And in return for your gift, they’ll share your site with their circle of influence! People you couldn’t normally reach. — But now, it’s possible!

Remember, you can show your visitors your "bribe box" when they first land on your site.. or when they go to leave.. you choose how you want it to work..

And in the next few minutes you can get access to our private members area where you can setup unlimited what we call "bribe boxes" for as many sites as you own.

Just create your bribe, copy and paste the code.. and move onto another site of yours and do it again!

There are similar services out there that charge you by the "likes" and charge up to $99 a month! WTF?!

Not here.. You can tap into the same power of Facebook, Google+ & Twitter just like those other services for just peanuts!

We’ll show you how to use the software in short easy-to-follow videos that are easy to consume and only take a few minutes to watch.

You simply create your "bribe box" and copy and paste some code onto your site and you’re done!

You Decide On What You Want To Give Away As Your Bribe.. As We Said Before..It Can Be Anything…

Your bribe can be a PDF report, software, an audio, videos, a discount page, a promo code.. the sky is the limit!

This is what you want people to say on their Twitter account when they share your site

This is where your visitors will go to download/access what you promised them for sharing your site

We even have a preview link so you can see how it looks before you put in on your site!

- Special Offer – Get Your Hands On EZ Share Generator At This Very Special Fast Movers Price!

Right now, and from this special offer page… You can get your hands on the EZ Share Generator Software for this special price!

Unlimited Use & Developer’s Rights Included With This Insanely Low One-Time Investment!

You got that right! When your order EZ Share Generator from this awesome page today, we’ll even let you use it on as many sites as you own and even with developer’s rights at no extra cost! What this means is you can:

Click The Buy Button Below To Grab Your Copy Of The EZ Share Generator Software Before The Price Goes Up! Today…Just $17 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE

P.S. Add this to all the sites you own to get more traffic.. the only way for it not to work is if you don’t take action! The GUARANTEE? Look, we ain’t gonna sugar-coat it..

If you’re thinking about buying this just to get access so you can then quickly ask for a refund, don’t waste our time or yours…

This is for real marketers who want to get more traffic without any extra effort once they put the EZ Share code on… Read more…

Post Title : EZ Share Generator! Social Media Traffic Getting Software

EZ Share Generator! Social Media Traffic Getting Software,

EZ Share Generator! Social Media Traffic Getting Software


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