» How to Plan Your Ultimate Seduction Strategy

» How to Plan Your Ultimate Seduction Strategy
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I’m Angelsin and I’ve been teaching seduction for 2 years concentrating on day game and developing a plan of action. After numerous trainings and private coaching sessions I’m now in the process of releasing a progressive system that can take you from zero knowledge in the arts and give you straight results! If you want to find out more check the Private training page.

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Basically it’s a plan that hits every point where you may get stuck with a lack of direction or motivation

I created daily missions through which I would be able to learn 80% of the concepts and techniques that could be used in field

Now, after more than 2 years of research in which I actively optimized it, I’m releasing the system that does all these things for you

“The missions are a true path to success. You know where you’re heading, you have all the tools in front of you and most importantly, a motivated coach that brings you back on your feet whenever you fall of the track. I can tell you that the missions helped me enormously and I loved the motivation I got from ticking my completed missions, day by day. Neil Strauss was saying that seduction is like a game with many levels, you’ll have to p them one by one and if you fail, you’ll start from the beginning. Thus, if you continue, you’ll learn each level so proficiently that by the end you can only win! After you’ll understand seduction, after you’ll have social intuition and the capacity to communicate with people, of understanding their desires and their needs, you’ll have the capacity to be proficient in any social cir stance.

Before my private training, my approaches consisted of walking to the girl and freezing, I didn’t know what to do next, how to react if I got any other answer than the one I wanted, how to calibrate the discussion. Now I know what I’m after, I know how to calibrate no matter the situation, how to bait her, how to take a number and how to meet her for sure.” — G. (participant at one of my live seduction trainings and a student at my one on one online personalized coaching)

“I just finished my first one on one module and I’m very pleased. It’s not easy but Angelsin has the talent to motivate me and when I hit a plateau he’s always there to help me surp it. The feedback he gives is very clear and he always knows what I’m doing wrong . When I started the training I just got out of a relationship and I was finished (both emotionally and physically). Now, even when I’m writing this testimonial I’m talking with 3 girls (one on the phone and 2 online) that I picked up on the street. I learned so much from Angelsin and his advice helped me tremendously. In just a month I arrived from being afraid to ask a girl the time to interacting with strangers without problems. I’ve got a lot of confidence now and each day is a real adventure for me. This training helped me change my life so much I just can’t believe it. I couldn’t imagine what I’ll become after the 3 modules and what adventures I’ll experience.” — C. (participant at one of my live seduction trainings and a student at my one on one online personalized coaching)

I’ve looked at other systems and they are nowhere near the success rate my Seduction Strategy provides you!

This book comes with a Risk-Free, Lifetime 100% Money-Back Guarantee. There’s absolutely NO RISK on your part.

PS: Since I’ve just launched the book, I’m giving a special discount of 20% to the first 50 people that buy it.

It means that How To Plan Your Ultimate Seduction Strategy is available via immediate download for only 20$ 16$.

File is in PDF format, readable using Acrobat Reader. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to mail me. Read more…

Post Title : » How to Plan Your Ultimate Seduction Strategy

» How to Plan Your Ultimate Seduction Strategy,

» How to Plan Your Ultimate Seduction Strategy


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