How To Become a Successful Magician

How To Become a Successful Magician
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“. . .eyes like saucers, he holds his breath watching as the tall stranger flourishes his long, black cape, quickly taps his wand twice and ‘voila’ – a white rabbit appears on the previously empty table…”

Imagine a child at their first magic show… Maybe he or she is watching some of the “pros” at work on their television, or better yet, they are in the audience and seeing a magician at work up close and personal. They are brought into a world of illusion and magic where anything can happen… And if you are that successful magician giving that performance, that experience is . . . well it’s magic for the child and for you! Have you ever wondered, how does a magician go from doing a few tricks for themselves and friends to performing on stage? If you have, you can find out – for these e-book were written for you!

Are you one of those special people who has always had a secret p ion to actually perform some of those magic tricks and dazzle an audience with your own brand of excitement… Well, you CAN do it and the “Become a Successful Magician for Fun or Profit Package!” can show you how.

It doesn’t matter if you just want to surprise your friends and family or if you want to be a performing magician on stage at Las Vegas, there is plenty of information inside this pacakge of e-books to answer your questions and help you become a real magician on any level you desire.

And, in case you are one of those budding entrepreneurs who would like to turn an avocation into a full or part-time vocation here’s a sample of what you will learn about this lucrative field:

Many folks who after working hard to become an magician are often surprised to learn that their favorite “hobby” of performing magic is a skill that is in demand.

Opportunities abound. For example, perhaps you have practiced and perfected a few magic tricks, so you can entertain at your child’s next birthday party. The party comes and you are a hit with the kids!

A few weeks later, you get a call from the parent of one of your child’s friends asking if you would do the same for their son or daughter’s birthday. Not only do they ask if you will do it, but they offer to pay you for your time! Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Before you even realize what hit you, it happens again and again. Suddenly the little hobby you learned to just entertain your kids, has mushroomed into a part-time business. And it works!

Maybe your p ion isn’t to turn your hobby into producing an income, but regardless of your reasons, what you learn in “Become a Successful Magician for Fun or Profit Package!” will serve you very well.

You’ll get a full helping of everything you need to know to “Become a Successful Magician for Fun or Profit!” Anyone can do it!

Through the years, young and old alike have marveled at the illusions created by magicians. If you have been captivated and have a sincere desire to become an accomplished or professional magician, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

You can easily do that right now by reading my e-book, “Become a Successful Magician for Fun or Profit!” Plus all the additional ebooks in this Magic Package.

If you order today at this special price, I will also add a bonus audio book (an MP3 file with the companion pdf file) of one of the magic trick collections: "Compilation of Magic Tricks!" All of these items are ready to be downloaded, right now:

Since I enjoy amusing people with a little slight of hand now and then, I have always wondered, "Could I become a Professional Magician?" This book provides some common sense advise on how to become a successful magician. Of course, I still have to provide the talent. But with enough practice I might just become the best magician in my town or maybe the state… Or who knows… the world… PS. Includes a very nice collection of tricks, many of which I did not know about.

If you are not entirely satisfied with this product, you may return it to me within 60 days for a full refund! This means you have a whole two months to practice these magic tricks, listen to the audio and read the ebooks!

Order the "Become a Successful Magician for Fun or Profit Package" today for $6.97 and get my audio ebook "Compilation of Magic Tricks" with the companion pdf file! Plus you will receive the many items listed above including: The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, Howard Thurston’s… Read more…

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How To Become a Successful Magician,

How To Become a Successful Magician


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