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Learn how to use Clipless Pedal successfully while remaining in complete control through out the process.

Hi Im Steve Dauphinais and I would like to share with you my secrets for learning how to use clipless pedals. As a bike shop owner and certified professional bike fitter, I have coached people for years on how to successfully use clipless pedals. My system will keep you upright and in complete control throughout the process.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your money within 60 days of purchase.

Although clipless pedals come in a variety of brands and designs, the basic concepts for starting and stopping are the same. The key is to understand how to start and stop on a bicycle in the correct manner that allows for control while using the pedals. Keep in mind that when most people learned how to ride a bike, they didnt spend much time learning the correct way to start and stop. Instead the focus at hand was any method that worked without falling down. Any method that was learned when we were around 6 years old has been practiced ever since. A few years ago I noticed that some individuals adapted to clipless pedals almost immediately with only a few key tips while others struggled. Whenever I sold a clipless pedal system, I would give each individual the same speech on how to use the pedals. Again some succeeded and other struggled.

As I worked more closely with the individuals that were having problems, I observed some of the same behaviors with each of the cyclist. Most were not having problems starting but rather stopping. Interestingly, they all seemed to fall at the same point. They used the techniques that I had explained at the time of original purchasea bit nervous as they initially clipped in and started to ride, but otherwise successful. As they stopped I again observed them using the technique that I had taught them: Unclip the foot that they planned to put down on the ground in advance; as they slowed to a stop use their other foot to lift them off of the saddle; and finally place the unclipped foot onto the ground. All looked good and then they suddenly tipped over and hit the ground!

As I spent more time noting how I started and stopped on a bicycle, I became more aware of the technique I was using. In an effort to confirm that I was indeed using an effective techniquenot just something that worked for meI went to my study group of 22 road riders that were effectively and safely using clipless pedals. This group was part of our weekly shop road ride. Without mentioning to them what I was doing, I observed each of them throughout the ride. From the parking lot orientation, at each stop throughout the ride, and then finally at the end of the ride when the riders were standing over their bikes while visiting with each other, all but one of the riders was using similar technique as myself. I became very aware that there were some key steps to the starting and stopping process that really had to do with how a rider fundamentally started and stopped without clipless pedals.

This e-book will help you learn the very basic skills that will enable you to learn how to start and stop effectively–while staying upright and in control throughout the process! In addition, I have included a section on the most popular pedal systems and how they work. To date I have never seen these tips in print or on the web. Take action now and purchase this book!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund your money within 60 days of purchase.

The book is in PDF format. After the payment page you will be directed to a page with a down load link. Once c the book will be down loaded to your computer and ready to be read right away.

I Purchased your ebook for bicycling with clips – starting and stopping. And no regrets! The step-by-step instructions did the trick for me…Thank you!

These informational 2 page PDFs will help you learn about things that can help you better enjoy your bike as well as keep it running smother, longer, and trouble free.

I want to thank you! In a moment of desperation. I spent $10 to download your ebook re: clipless pedals. I bought a road bike last year (after 30 or so years of not really riding) and struggled with the idea of clipless pedals all last season…in a moment of desperation I download your article because Im getting more anxious and really want to conquer this issue… Read more…

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