How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop

How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop
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This helpful guide will show you how to start, run, and market a successful quilt shop that will have quilters lining up at your front door from the day one…

If you’ve ever thought about opening and running your own successful quilt shop ? while avoiding some of the most common mistakes made by business newbies ? and using some of the most powerful quilt shop marketing techniques available, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop is the definitive guide to showing you the ropes to starting, running, and marketing your own quilt shop. I’ve packed as much information as I possibly can about the quilt shop business into a single, 130+ page quilt shop business "bible" that will show you the fastest way to get your quilt shop off the ground.

Look, I know you are p ionate about your quilting, and want a way to take your hobby to the next level. You’re sick and tired of understaffed quilt shops where the clerks and owners don’t know squat about what real quilters are looking for in a full-service quilt shop.

That’s why you want to take the leap of faith and open your own quilt shop. A quilt shop for quilters like you – they have a p ion for good quality quilting supplies at a fair price (notice I didn’t say the cheapest!). And, a quilt shop that offers great instruction for quilters of all levels.

You’ll receive 7 different – and unique – ways you can turn your quilting p ion into a full or part-time income!

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Maybe you’ve just started to explore the possibility of opening your own quilt shop to see if you’re ready for the commitment. Or perhaps you know you’re ready, but want to be completely prepared when you start to look for locations and secure some financing.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Reason one: I am the author of the highly-successful book, "How to Start Your Own Machine Quilting Business." With over 1,000 copies sold over the past twelve months, this is the leading resource for quilters looking to start their own machine quilting business.

Reason two: I have over 15 years of experience in marketing and business management. To me, there is nothing as important as being able to bring customers into your new business in the most effective, least expensive, manner. This book offers my expertise in the top marketing methods for a new quilt shop.

Reason three: I’ve spent close to a $1,000 and 100s of man hours (worth $1,000s more!) pulling together the most exhaustive, thorough guide to opening, running, and marketing a quilt shop available anywhere. You can take advantage of this investment at a fraction of the cost.

How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop was written with the business novice in mind. You know quilting and love your hobby. But, you may not know how to start and run a successful business. This book is designed to give you that knowledge and to help you decide if you want to make that leap from quilting hobby to full-service quilt shop owner.

I want to thank you for putting out such a complete how to guide for a quilt shop. You start with the basic fundamentals, like business en y type, getting inventory purchased, merchandizing it so make it attractive right on through record keeping and marketing.

It’s very much a blueprint for my own quilt shop. It’s also a great reference and I can see myself referring back to your book time and time again whenever challenges or opportunities arise.

Thanks for your generous contribution to the independent quilt shop owners!" Jim Hahn, Teddy Bear Quilts

"I think the information is a good format for what might be expected. Very helpful with hints on shop name, location, how to borrow money.I think this a great book that will help the beginner or the first time business owner. I have thought about having my own quilt shop, but never knew how to go about getting started. This a great outline on the ‘how-to’s.’ " Sandy Fischer, Gilbert, AZ

"I came across this website quite by accident – I was looking for information relating to "starting my own quilt shop" – I nearly fell off my chair when up popped information on your book "How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop". Every question I had asked myself was answered, and even questions I had not asked myself – I am very impressed with the… Read more…

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How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop,

How to Start Your Own Quilt Shop


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