Tennis For Beginners – Learn How To Play Tennis

Tennis For Beginners - Learn How To Play Tennis
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You’ve probably tried learning how to play tennis on your own and perhaps even with a tennis coach, but you most likely realized that unless you’re given simple and effective instructions, the game of tennis quickly becomes very difficult and confusing to learn.

If you learn incorrect tennis technique at the beginning, it may haunt you forever, as your body will store the movements in its muscle memory and it will be extremely difficult and frustrating to learn new stroke technique.

That’s me on the right at the Umag ATP tournament in Croatia – another European country producing players ranked in the top 100.

I’ve been teaching tennis beginners and advanced players for over 18 years now and have combined the European teaching system with my own experience to perfect the step-by-step “Tennis for Beginners” method.

While it’s true that a beginner who is learning how to play tennis for the first time needs to learn proper tennis technique, the fact is that the main reason for mistakes at the beginning is not technique.

Tennis beginners really struggle with ball judgment, moving to the ball early enough, knowing how to hit slowly and smoothly to control the ball, and many other reasons which are all addressed in this video course.

This Tennis for Beginners video guide allows you to learn all major tennis strokes in a step-by-step format with additional videos that help you overcome the most common challenges all tennis beginners face.

You can watch all videos online and/or download them in MP4 format compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

I just watched your forehand video and it has already added immensely to my enjoyment of playing tennis. I followed your instruction on turning my body while keeping the racket head high, and catching the racket with my left hand on follow through.

I also noted carefully the contact point as you described it, and by consciously giving attention to these points I hit the best forehands of my life today.

I am 54 and started playing tennis about 10 years ago. How I wish I had your videos when I first started ! I just can’t wait to start applying all the instruction in your videos !

I watched all your tennis videos and the videos are excellent! These videos are not just for beginners, but for all levels.

I have been playing tennis for over 20 years and I have been struggling to serve correctly and consistently. I picked up a lot of bad habits resulting to having shoulder problems.

Right now, my main focus is primarily on my serve. I am definitely making progress now thanks to you. Thank you for making me a better tennis player.

So don’t make the same mistake. Learn how to play a tennis overhead with correct technique and consistency now.

To speed your learning so you enjoy the game much sooner than beginners usually do, you will receive this bonus videos package with any order of tennis beginner videos.

Thank you very much for producing and making available your excellent instructional videos aimed at the tennis beginner.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching them and using the methods described in the videos to ist my son and daughter in improving their skills. The videos are excellent tools and your step by step methodology is proving to be very effective.

Your video on finding the optimal contact point was particularly helpful in establishing ideal footwork. The serve videos have helped my daughter to serve like an expert, according to her tennis coach. In just one month both my son and daughter’s game has progressed remarkably well.

I would highly recommend your product to individuals who are new to this wonderful game as well as those wishing to brush up on their skills.

Tennis is a very complex sport that requires specific skills which are not visible to the eye – yet, they are the key to smooth, rhythmic strokes that control the ball effortlessly.

What sets this “Tennis for Beginners” video course apart from other instructional courses is the bonus section that addresses the most common and frustrating challenges tennis beginners face when they start learning new strokes and attempt to play tennis.

You’ll be able to watch videos online (on a secure page) or download them which will take you just a couple of minutes on a fast DSL or cable connection. All videos are compatible with Iphone, Ipad and Android smartphone and tablets.

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Post Title : Tennis For Beginners – Learn How To Play Tennis

Tennis For Beginners – Learn How To Play Tennis,

Tennis For Beginners – Learn How To Play Tennis


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