How to Remember Your Dreams – Learn and Memorize

How to Remember Your Dreams - Learn and Memorize
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In this jam-packed resource, Anthony Metivier walks you through everything you could possibly need to know about how to recall your dreams in stunning detail. From basic preparation to simple exercises and detailed examples, no stone is left unturned in this in-depth guide. You will have dozens of your dreams literally at your fingertips within a few days (if not sooner) of using this simple set of techniques. How to Remember Your Dreams makes it that simple.

If you’ve ever wanted an easy, elegant and effective way to consistently remember your dreams with stunning clarity, grace and precision, then this book will help you improve your dream recall by 100% … 200% … 300% (or more) using simple techniques you can learn in under an hour (or less) and start implementing right away.

The information in this exclusive book will change you from being a p ive dreamer to a dream achiever by helping you:

Three ways to put yourself into a deep state of relaxation as you fall asleep … A secret meditation techniques for getting an unusually calm state in your mind … How to build deliberate dream intentions as a matter of habit … How to use Day Journaling and other daytime activities to boost your dream recall … and even …

This tip is worth the price of this book alone – and you’ll pick up an amazing strategy for improving your dream recall even if you already regularly recall your dreams.

“How to Remember Your Dreams” simply could not make it easier for you to experience maximum dream recall night after night!

But before you start thinking this is all too good to be true (like something in a dream), “How to Remember Your Dreams” is just one of the perks you’ll get.

* Exactly how to “play” psycho yst to your dreams so that you can understand your true desires and intentions and finally achieve what you really want in life. (This isn’t the usual hum-drum Freudian stuff you’re used to, but new ways to think about dream interpretation that will matter to you more and more as you continue to use them).

* How to pool ociations from both your dream images and your daytime so that you can lower stress and release unconscious guilt. (Anyone who has ever asked if there is a relationship between fantasy and dreaming will find an interesting answer in this primer.)

* The three forms of anxiety that are ruling your life and how to start releasing yourself from their hold. Master these fears and you’ll experience a whole new lease on life.

* Exactly when to accept when a dream is “just” a dream and when to dig deeper so that you can truly get unstuck from the things in life that may be holding you back. (This simple tip will help you understand when to probe a dream deeper and when to simply let it go so you can focus on the truly important affairs of your mind.)

* Precise methods for “translating” the images and narrative elements of your dreams into stories that people will want to enjoy again and again. (Seriously, there are amazing ways to do this without strain when you are using your dreams in combination with dedicated memory strategies.)

* How to develop your dreams and make them “fit” the fundamental elements of plot responsible for making all of your favorite novels and movies touch your heart and fulfill your soul. If more writers did this, we’d have to invent a new kind of Nobel Prize.

* How to make sure that the stories you develop from your dreams include powerful transformations that will teach your audience at the unconscious level powerful lessons about the best ways to live in the world. (This is the real secret to writing the kinds of stories that will endear you to people around the world, or simply satisfy yourself if you only write for fun).

* Two amazing resources that will change (and improve) everything you know about storytelling so that you can enjoy the novels you read and the movies you see with greater intensity and pleasure than ever before. (The tips and techniques you’ll pick up from these resources are also the best ways to ensure long term fanship from the people you touch with your stories.)

You’ll also get a step-by-step walk-through of how I turned one night’s series of dreams into an amazing, layered and thrilling plot for a completely original story that you’ll be dying to see up on the silver screen.

In fact, most people won’t use the techniques described, which means they essentially don’t qualify to read it.

For example, “How to Remember Your Dreams” isn’t for people who never try the techniques… Read more…

Post Title : How to Remember Your Dreams – Learn and Memorize

How to Remember Your Dreams – Learn and Memorize,

How to Remember Your Dreams – Learn and Memorize


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