The Tinder Formula: How to get girls on Tinder

The Tinder Formula: How to get girls on Tinder
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I’m Peter Moncrieff the lead dating coach at Men’s Life Daily – for the last 16 months I’ve been using Tinder, and I’ve been where you are now. I know what it’s like hardly getting any matches, and I’ve had countless "matches" just ignore me. I know the pain when you see that hot girl pop-up (you know, the one that almost makes your heart skip a beat), then you swipe right, and… nothing. I know the frustration when you can’t think of a witty opening message that will make yourself stand out from the hundreds of other guys messaging her with "Hey how are you?" and "Hey cutie ;) ". I know what it’s like. As guys, why do we feel so frustrated about this? Why do guys uglier than you end up with hotter girls? Why on earth do you still not get the results that you’d like? Here’s the thing – as guys we tend to believe that women think the same as us. When we see a girl we instantly know if we like her or not based 100% on her looks. But girls don’t think like that. There’s a lot more to it. Since the release of Tinder guys have been frantically trying to perfect their profile pictures and write interesting bios to try and get a few more matches… if you’ve already tried that stuff then you know that it can help get you more matches – but you’ll also know that it’s no help at all if you’ve already matched and you’re just being ignored. So what can you do about it? Through thousands of swipes, hundreds of matches, and inordinate amounts of trial and error, I’ve come up with the exact tactics needed to achieve the best results when using Tinder. And that’s what I want to share with you today. It all started when my friends noticed that I was getting a lot more dates than usual. Now I’m no slouch – normally I can have a few dates a week by meeting girls in bars, etc. But this app combined with my new tactics, began to change everything. Dates every single night were becoming normal, I could even have several dates in one day if I wanted to. Can you imagine what it’s like waking up then having to choose which hot girl you want to take out that evening? High quality problem man. My friends started wondering what I was doing differently so I told them about Tinder. They said they were using it too, but that they struggled to get many matches. And when they did they never converted them into dates. I looked at their messages and profiles and quickly saw the problem. Soon I was sharing the secrets I’d found – adjusting their profile to get more matches, teaching them how to craft the perfect opening message, and showing the exact formula to follow to get her interested, get her number, and secure a date. One of them suggested that I write this stuff down so that he had something to look at when I wasn’t around. So I did. But then I thought – why keep it just for my friends? Why not share it with you? Everything I wrote down makes what I now like to call The Tinder Formula. It’s a concise 40 page ebook showing you exactly how to get the girls you want on Tinder. I know my formula will get you outstanding results because I’ve personally seen how much it changed the results of my friends. One of them went from getting 2 matches a week to getting 10+ every day. He never had any dates before and now he’s setting up something every single day. He even has to turn some girls down because he simply doesn’t have the time to meet them all. Yet a few weeks before he has struggling to even get any matches. My formula completely flipped his results upside down in just a few days. I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. After my countless hours of trial and error you can just come in and pick up the good stuff. Lucky you. Imagine having the freedom to choose the girls that you want, instead of just hoping that some girls will choose you. It’s the solution you’ve been looking for. And it’s here now.

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Post Title : The Tinder Formula: How to get girls on Tinder

The Tinder Formula: How to get girls on Tinder,

The Tinder Formula: How to get girls on Tinder

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