How To Become A Bitch – A Guide For Beginners

How To Become A Bitch - A Guide For Beginners
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WARNING: This Guide Was Not Created For Those Women Who Just Want To Get Better In Dating. "How To Become A Bitch" Guide Created To Change Your Life To The Life You Always Wanted… USE WITH CAUTION!

Dear friend, Please, answer this question – Do you… want to be a man magnet? Would you like to be the woman that guys line up to talk to?

Hi, my name is Lois and I want to show you exactly how to be that woman that you always wanted to be.

I grew up in a very small town, where I didn’t even know what the word "Bitch" means. After a normal childhood, I moved to New York. I lived in the big city for 6 years, and even got married there. After a while, I understood that the guy I used to call "My Husband" is a jerk, so I got divorced.

I got kicked back to the cruel, yet comic dating cycle, and I felt lost. During the following 6 years of single-hood, I was desperate to discover "The Perfect Formula To Find MR. Right". I discovered the painful truth that my sweet personality is an obstacle among the strong , who basically interested in anyone that isn’t.

It didn’t make any sense at all… I started dating and dating, and dating and I always came to the same dead ends:

I came to a point, that everything I was doing, somehow got messed up. Somehow everything got wrong. I didn’t know why, I didn’t know how… I simply knew that Something Is Wrong!

Neither of my parents, never taught me how to attract and keep "Mr. Right", it’s not fair. I always hoped that there is some information that can help me. I knew there is something to be done…

Just think about it for a moment… Right now, they are teaching about everything. It starts from talking, walking, driving and even flying air planes. They teach us Algebra, they teach us how to dress… Doesn’t it make sense, that SOMEONE should teach us about relationships?

With the above in my mind, I started seeking for information… I was pretty sure this kind of information exists… I started with reading the female magazines and some outdated books. However, unfortunately, most of the knowledge there regarding our problem is CRAP. Whether it’s out dated or just sounds ridiculous.

My grandparents, always taught me that if you’re determined in something, you’ll get it… Are you determined enough to start a new life right now?

I sat in Starbucks with my best friend Tom, who is a psychologist and told him everything. I told him how painful it feels to be alone. I told him that I’m tired of dating. I told him all my problems regarding relationships…

As he was a psychologist, he gave me his access to a Top Secret source of information that includes thousands of academic researches in thousands of different verticals related to the human mind.

That’s how my Dating Journey began. Every free single minute I had, I was reading scientific tested articles regarding Male & Female interactions. After every article I read, I went out and tested the new material.

I started summerizing all the field tested experience I gained into what my girlfriends called "The How To Get A Guy Bible"… I decided to call it "How to Become A Bitch: A guide for beginners", it just sounds to me more practical… They said to me, that it’s that good that I need to spread the word to the world, so other women can change their lives as they did.

After hundreds of articles I read and tested about Cognitive Psychology, Behavioural Psychology, Body Language, Subconscious Mind, etc… I can proudly say… I GOT IT!!! I have the "Secret Formula to meet any guy, your girlfriends are just capable of dreaming about. You will be able to apply the magical recipe as soon as you start reading the first pages of the guide.

This guide is my contribution to Females anywhere. It’s my part in solving human suffering, and I know this guide is going to make a difference.

I dedicate this guide to all the females that have ever been used by men, it’s dedicated to all the females who are seeking love or just a one night stand. THIS GUIDE IS DEDICATED TO YOU!

I’ve decided to publish my guide only online in "electronic" format, so you can download it right now, and start improving your life within just a few minutes…

The new knowledge you are about to gain is so powerful, that I’ll feel guilty if I won’t warn you. Please use your new knowledge wisely, as this guide was written with good intentions. You shouldn’t torture mentally any man you’re… Read more…

Post Title : How To Become A Bitch – A Guide For Beginners

How To Become A Bitch – A Guide For Beginners,

How To Become A Bitch – A Guide For Beginners

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