WomenFiguredOut.com How To Be The Jerk Women Love by F.J. Shark

WomenFiguredOut.com How To Be The Jerk Women Love by F.J. Shark
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But they wouldn’t mind getting some of the benefits that Jerks seem to have had a monopoly on.

He could brag about his successful career, win over her family by being a smooth talker, drive her around in his expensive sports car and shower her with expensive gifts to keep her around.

The 2nd guy was average looking (with a slight tilt toward ugly) and had very little money–he knew he was not a “good catch” and had to rely on some other way to attract women.

It looks like the 1st guy has it “made in the shade” and the 2nd guy better find a new planet to live on.

The 2nd guy was treated with respect and priority in his relationship. The 1st guy was used as a consolation prize and only got called back if the woman’s original plans didn’t work out.

The 2nd guy would do the smallest thing in the relationship and it was appreciated by the woman. W ver the 1st guy did in his relationship was never enough.

The 2nd guy had a woman propose marriage to him. When the 1st guy asked a woman to marry him, she said: “I’ll have to think about it”.

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Women respond to Biological traits that every man has within him and women can’t help become attracted to.

The 1st guy didn’t know how to create any attraction with the woman and had to subs ute it with his money and gifts — both of which never keep the attraction going long-term.

The women might stick around for some free lunches, lobster dinners and exotic vacations and stick you with the bill.

When she wants to, she might even decide to give you the best of your life, but… when the money runs out, so will she.

When the next guy with more money or a better “fun” opportunity comes along she is going to be out of there.

You want to stop attracting “gold diggers” or the feeling of paying for a girlfriend’s attention, love and affection.

I don’t want to be known as a Jerk… I don’t want to hurt women… I don’t want to sacrifice my values just to get a woman to like me…

“My ideas are not about changing who you are. It’s about having the guts to bring out the real you! Women want to see the real you, not a phony nice-guy who she thinks is only “nice” because he wants something from her.” — F.J. Shark, Author of: How to be the Jerk Women Love

I wanted to find a way that women will stay in the relationship because THEY want to, not because I was tricking them, manipulating them or forcing them to.

You’re probably like me and want to be the one that women pursue, not chase them like most nice guys do.

Most nice guys are desperately running around with an engagement ring in their back pocket, hoping to lock it on the finger of the first woman who treats him like a human being.

Other nice guys have had to lower their standards on what women they desire and just take w ver they can get.

The first point I learned was: Obviously, women don’t operate logically – this was the bad news. However, the good news is that they do operate with a great deal of predictability.

After about 6 months of really going after the answers to this I soon had file folders filled with ideas and points.

This is the stuff that Love Doctors don’t want to talk about or just don’t understand how it works in the real world.

“If a woman were to carefully read this book, I GUARANTEE she’d be nodding her head in agreement at most (if not all) of Shark’s theories about male/female… Read more…

Post Title : WomenFiguredOut.com How To Be The Jerk Women Love by F.J. Shark

WomenFiguredOut.com How To Be The Jerk Women Love by F.J. Shark,

WomenFiguredOut.com How To Be The Jerk Women Love by F.J. Shark


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