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DHCP snooping is a technique where we configure our switch to listen in on DHCP traffic and stop any malicious DHCP packets. This is best explained with an example so take a look at the picture below: In the picture above I have a DHCP server connected to the switch on the top left. At […]

VLAN access-lists (VACL) are very useful if you want to filter traffic within the VLAN. Let me give you an example: Let’s say I want to make sure that the two computers are unable to communicate with the server. You could use port-security to filter MAC addresses but this isn’t a very safe method. I […]

In this lesson we will take a look how to configure a Cisco Catalyst Switch to use AAA and 802.1X for port based authentication. If you have no idea what AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) or 802.1X are about then you should look at my AAA and 802.1X Introduction first. Having said that, let’s look […]

When it comes to securing the network, AAA and 802.1X authentication are two powerful tools we can use. Let me show you an example why you might want this for your switches: Network users might bring their own wireless router from home and connect it to the switch so they can share wireless internet with […]

GLBP stands for Gateway Load Balancing Protocol and just like HSRP / VRRP it is used to create a virtual gateway that you can use for hosts. If you have no idea what a virtual gateway is then read my Introduction to Gateway Redundancy first. Also I would recommend to look at the HSRP and […]

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