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Learn How To Cut Hair As A Beginner - HowToCutHairForBeginners.com
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My name is Julia Dean and I’ve been cutting my own hair and the hair of my family members for over 4 years now. If I was to count the money I’ve saved from not having to go to the hairdresser’s I would probably be looking at thousands by now.

Nowadays, I have a part time business cutting the hair of my friends, and neighbours. They all started asking me where I got my hair cut – and I just told them I did it myself… and things kind of took off from there. [Now it's your turn]

It wasn’t always like this though. Several years ago I was a struggling stay-at-home mom having to take care of 2 beautiful children. My husband’s income hardly covered the bills…. well I don’t want to drag you into the whole story here, but to make a long story short:

Our Hair started getting longer… on all of us. Someone had to cut it, with the way that the economy was and with our bills mounting the hair dressers was at the back of our minds (and further away from our pockets).

One day, I was talking to one of my old friends about our troubles, and she told me I should go and see a 62-year-old friend of hers who cuts hair (Mary). She told me of Mary’s almost *magic* abilities to cut people’s hair. The reason she told me about her was that she had some serious issue against professional hairdressers – so she always cut hair for free.

Great! I thought – I got Mary’s phone number from my friend and called her and managed to book an appointment the next week.

Fast forward one week… when I went to see Mary, the first thing I noticed was her amazing haircut. I silently said "Wow!" to myself…

We spoke for a few minutes… and when I asked if she could cut my own and my kids’ hair – she flatly refused!

I was really upset and couldn’t understand why she would be this way with me… I was broke, had no knowledge of how to cut hair, but for placing a bowl on the top of our heads and cutting around it. As my sadness quickly turned to anger..

She taught me everything… how to cut long hair, short hair, thick, fine, curly hair, straight hair, wavy hair and every other type of hair you could imagine, in fact I spent almost all my free time cutting her clients hair.

Now you might be thinking that if you try cutting your own hair you would end up failing miserably. But it’s not true…

Are you tired of paying top dollar to the hairdresser for a mediocre haircut that looks just like everyone else’s?

"But Julia, I’ve tried cutting my own hair before – and I wouldn’t show it to my blind grandmother!"

After Mary had finished teaching me all the basics of cutting hair she started to teach me how to combined the basics in order to create stunning designs. But like I said, fist I mastered the basics.

If you want to learn how to cut hair the right way then you need to memorise this diagram, it is the foundation and the starting point of my book. Knowledge really is power when it comes to cutting hair.

Now I am not saying that I managed to do it correctly in one try and this where I need to tell you one precaution, you need to first practice on a dummy model with a wig. I know it might sound a bit silly, but even when I was being taught I only practiced the cuts on real people after I had mastered the dolls.

How long will it take you to master each cut? Well on my sample group of 110 people that I tested my ebook on over 75% of them managed to do all the basic style cuts in just 8 days to a level I considered mastery. My definition of mastery is quick, efficient and looked great!

After you master basics as well you can then proceed onto the more challenging styles as well as learn about the range of different types of hair. From curly to Afro-Caribbean to English straight down to thick, thin and fine hair.

Thought my book you will also learn about all the tools of trade, what you need, what you don’t, how to use each one in every style and how each style differs from the other. Your not simply buying a how to manual on cutting hair your buying the haircutters knowledge guide. There really is not a stone unturned.

All I ask of you is that you trust in my guide, dedicate yourself to following the steps and… Read more…

Post Title : Learn How To Cut Hair As A Beginner – HowToCutHairForBeginners.com

Learn How To Cut Hair As A Beginner – HowToCutHairForBeginners.com,

Learn How To Cut Hair As A Beginner – HowToCutHairForBeginners.com


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